Cohort 10

24 August - 28 September, 2024

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Unlock Your Brain's Visual Processing Power and Boost Your Creativity with the
Visual Thinking Workshop

Do you use your knowledge to make a living?
Is sharing your thoughts with others important to you?
Do you want to learn complex things faster and deeper?
Are you looking for better ways to store and connect your visual ideas?

Why Visual Thinking is Key to Success

According to research, the human brain processes images much faster than text, making visual thinking a powerful tool for learning and understanding. Whether you're a professional, a student, or someone looking to improve your creativity, the Visual Thinking Workshop will help you tap into your brain's vast visual processing power.

The workshop

In the hands-on Visual Thinking Workshop, you'll learn and practice visual thinking by working through an actual book. In Cohort 10 we will read Simple Marketing for Smart People by Billy Broas with Tiago Forte . I will guide you through the step-by-step process of

creating literature notes,

authoring your own book summary,

and adding visual permanent notes to your knowledge management system.

You'll walk away with the skills to create visual summaries for a variety of purposes, including strategic narratives, conference highlights, and study notes.

What you're getting

Click here to learn more about The MindSET Visual Thinking framework.

The curriculum of the workshop is designed to provide hands-on learning experience on Visual Thinking. It consists of

- 6 two-hour online class sessions
- 5 one-hour office hours.

The class sessions will cover topics in the curriculum, while the office hours will provide an opportunity to ask questions on a broader set of visual thinking, Excalidraw, productivity, and Obsidian-related topics.

The class sessions will be held on Saturday afternoons 17:00 in Central European Time (8am San Francisco, 11am New York, 12am Tokyo, 3am Wellington), while the Office Hours will be held on Sunday afternoons.

Sessions will be 📺 recorded, and to accomodate participants joining from the East, I will publish the recording right after the session and host a 30 minute catchup session Sunday afternoon East timezone, Sunday morning EU time. We will discuss the ideal timing based on your availability.

The exact timing of all the workshop sessions will be finalized during the kickoff session.

To enhance your learning experience, you will have access to a Demo Obsidian Vault, fully configured with plugins and scripts. The vault will contain session mind maps, walk-through videos, sample book-on-a-page summaries with full literature notes, and a wealth of other valuable content including many of my GTD and other Templater scripts. The Vault also includes The MindSET Framework cards. Each card in the framework has a very rich set of links and background material included on the "back side of the card".

To see a video walkthrough of one of the cards from the framework, click the "Forcing Function" card above, and if you are interested in learning more about the Demo Vault, check out this video.

Additionally, you will have access to the Visual Thinking Workshop Discord community and videos on my YouTube channel, which will support your learning journey.

To fully reap the benefits of the workshop, it's recommended to dedicate about 6 to 10 hours per week, as there will be plenty of homework between sessions. The reading and processing of a 300-page book will take time.

The kickoff session is scheduled for 17:00 CET, August 24, 2024 (8am San Francisco, 11am New York, 12am Tokyo, 3am Wellington). For a more detailed view of the session dates, topics, and workshop curriculum, please click on the image below:

The Visual Thinking Workshop is for You!

Not an artist?

If you're worried that you can't draw, don't be. I too struggle with sketching, but I've developed a range of tools and workflows to overcome my lack of drawing skills, which I will be sharing during the workshop.

Aspiring Visual Storyteller?

If you have aspirations of becoming a visual storyteller, then this workshop will be an excellent opportunity for you. The skills you'll learn in visualizing important concepts and summarizing books into visual overviews will help you tell stories in a way that's supported by simple visuals.

Avid Reader

If you're an avid reader, but you feel like you're only getting a fraction of the value out of the books you read, then this workshop is for you. By actively summarizing books and creating visual representations of the content, you'll deepen your understanding and recall of the book.

Looking for Inspiration?

If you're looking for new ways to be creative, the effort of finding good visual representations of information is an excellent exercise in lateral thinking. If you're interested in lateral thinking, I have several articles on the subject on my blog.

No Stylus? No Problem!

Although I sometimes prefer to draw with a stylus, I do most of my sketching with a mouse. If you have a pen and are good at quick sketches, then you can take advantage of that. However, if you don't have a stylus or you're not skilled with a pen, don't worry. A mouse is just as good an option.

Business Professional

If you're a business professional, this workshop is for you too. As a CIO in my "professional life," I use visual thinking tools and visual summaries every day, and these skills are just as essential for business as they are for personal use.

See my work in action and learn about visual thinking

To see my work in action and learn more about visual thinking, visit my blog where I explain my process for creating book-on-a-page summaries. You can also read my book summary of Storyworthy, which includes my sketches.

In addition, here are nine videos you might be interested in watching. Three book-on-a-page summaries for books on personal knowledge management and six other videos about organizing your knowledge, using images to connect ideas, and an introduction to creating your own book-on-a-page summary sketch.

Seize the Opportunity

Don't miss out! Sign up now and get started on your visual thinking journey! This will change how you think and learn forever.

6 two-hour workshop sessions
5 one-hour office hours sessions
Demo Vault fully configured with plugins and scripts
Reading material and video recommendations
3.5 hours of exclusive pre-recorded video
6 Book-on-a-Pages with literature notes, icons, everything...
1 Article on a Page sample (The Art of Close Reading)
Library of Templater scripts incl. DNP and GTD templates
Access to the VTW Discord Server
Access to the occasional Alumni Network sessions

Cohort 10 will run from 24 August to 28 September 2024.
We'll read Simple Marketing for Smart People, Billy Broas with Tiago Forte .
Sessions will be on Saturdays and Office Hours on Sundays at 17:00 CET (8am San Francisco, 11am New York, 12am Tokyo, 3am Wellington).

ONLY $750

About Your Trainer

I'm Zsolt Viczián, a seasoned engineer with over two decades of experience in problem-solving and cross-disciplinary knowledge. I bring a wealth of expertise to my work, having served in leadership roles at international companies for 20+ years and earned a Ph.D. from the Technical University of Budapest, as well as multiple Master's degrees in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering. As a lifelong learner and PMP-certified project manager, I'm always looking for new ways to expand my skills and knowledge.

I love developing tools and integrations to optimize my personal and professional workflows. With my experience building tools like Excalidraw and ExcaliBrain within Obsidian, that can link drawings, images, and text, I'm confident that I can help you unlock your brain's visual processing power and boost your creativity through the Visual Thinking Workshop.

I'm always experimenting with new workflows and implementing my ideas into software. My visual thinking workflows and toolset have been rigorously tested and refined over the past 30 years, making them powerful solutions for your workflow. By joining the Visual Thinking Workshop, you'll benefit from my hard-earned experience and jumpstart your own journey, saving you time and effort.

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