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My interest in PKM started some 30 years ago. I was studying at the university and became interested in how to best organize my notes, and any other information I acquired, in a way that I could later find what I need and, when I find it, efficiently turn it into active knowledge.

Over the years, I have learned about many interesting methodologies and useful tools, including mind-mapping and note-taking programs. However, most of these were cumbersome in supporting the references between my notes, and even when references were well-solved, the notes were primarily text-based and linear, meaning that I had to read the letters one after another to access the knowledge, rather than accessing it as it appears in the mind.

I began searching for a methodology and software that best fits the way my mind works and the processes that take place in my brain.

I came to the realization that it is not enough to think in two dimensions, where one dimension is the information contained in my notes and can only be read linearly, and the other dimension is the multitude of folders where I store these documents.

I needed at least three dimensions, where the third dimension represents the references between individual notes and the labeling of documents.

However, a 4-dimensional solution would be ideal. The fourth dimension represents the documents stored at individual reference points, which are not linear but pictorial, and which we can perceive instantly rather than sequentially so that the connections are immediately visible and we can analyze the information in any desired order.

It's like looking at a shop window instead of a shopping list.

4D visual notes hyperlinked, embedded, tagged, and cross-referenced is what I find to be the most natural and appropriate solution for today's world and the tremendous amount of information we deal with every day. I call this approach The MindSET, which refers to the set of interlinked visual notes in my PKM and the tools and techniques required to operate this PKM effectively.

This is where I stand today. Based on my current best knowledge. Over thirty years of research and thinking have led me to believe that The MindSET is the most effective personal knowledge management system available today. However, The MindSET is also a journey as I continue to learn, improve and develop my understanding and the system. I seek those who would like to join me on this path to move forward together. Join the Visual Thinking Workshop to explore and develop our MindSET together!

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